Hoe gezond bent u?

Als je ouder wordt of ouder begint te worden, heeft je lichaam de neiging om te vertragen. U kunt zich ’s ochtends traag voelen of u voelt een gebrek aan verlangen om naar de sportschool te gaan.

Als u veel reist, is het moeilijker om gezonde maaltijdkeuzes te vinden en een goede voeding in uw lichaam te houden. Een gebrek aan voeding en energie kan verschillende gezondheidsproblemen veroorzaken.

Het gebruik van onze MyDailySprays geeft u de juiste ingrediënten en het toedieningssysteem om u meer energie en goede voeding voor uw lichaam te geven. Klanten hebben beweerd dat onze sprays hen hielpen een gezonde levensstijl te handhaven. Je verdient een leven vol vreugde en geluk!


Bekijk de onderstaande video om te zien wat de levensveranderingen sprays doen



Waarom onze sprays?

  • 40% van de bevolking heeft problemen met pillen slikken!
  • Onze sprays worden direct in de bloedbaan opgenomen
  • Ontdek het krachtigste gepatenteerde gemicroniseerde afleversysteem


I would lay awake for hours every night never being able to fall asleep. Now SLEEP has changed my life I fall right to sleep every night. I will never go another night without my SLEEP spray this spray has literally changed my life!

Samantha Groth

I was always a light sleeper. When I first tried Sleep Spray, the very first day i took 6 sprays. With in 30min I was sound asleep. And I woke up alert, feeling great and was ready to start my day!

Justin Poletti

I have tried everything to get me to sleep. I was taking 2 to 3 pills a night trying to get a good night sleep and nothing was working. I tried this sleep spray first time I was asleep in 5 min and stayed asleep all night. I have been struggling with sleep so long and this has finally given me the help I need. Thank You My Daily Choice so much for this amazing product

Mary Lou Mitchell

Most people gain 5-7 pounds on a five day cruise, but not me. My appetite was controlled from using a few sprays before every meal and it didn’t make me feel jittery or hungry. I am grateful to have Trim 365 in my life!

Jason Brown

I started taking Trim365 and it has suppresed my appetite! In just my first week, I lost 6 pounds which is unheard of for any weight loss products I’ve ever used! This is the easiest way to healthy weight management!

Sherry Zwagil

I have been using the TRIM365 for 3 days now and I have shed 9 lbs already! My cravings for carbs and sweets have been totally demolished! Loving the TRIM spray!

Phelicia Scott

My cholesterol levels were 285. Then I found Shield. I’m very happy to say that my levels are now down to 218 and keep getting better. Shield is a product with tangible results and I feel better than I have in years!

Juan Pablo Bergas

Being diagnosed with diabetes changed my life. Ever since I started using Shield I went from taking 5-8 shots a day down to taking only 1 shot per day. I have control of my life and have peace of mind. These sprays have changed my life.

Abu Quershi

Shield has not only helped my family not get sick once the last cold and flu season it has stopped my allergies and strenghtened our immune system as well. This allows us to do all the activities we love doing in Canada. Love being able to breathe in the fresh air without the headache.

Sonia Line Arseneau

I find Boost is an Instant Energy Ignitor. I needed something for an energy pre work out and I’ve tried so many products. Boosthas given me health energy on demand. This is amazing! Thank you MyDailyChoice!

Jeff Whelan

I love the Boost spray because I have to wake up very early for work and I’m sensitive to coffee. The Boost gives me a burst of energy that helps me get my day started and even help me get through the day when working late. I don’t feel the crash effect like I did when I use to drink energy drinks. Plus, I can carry it with me everywhere I go. Boost will set you loose!

Ronald Whitfield

Being a student, I sometimes have to stay up till 3 AM and then wake up again at 6 AM to head to school. For a long time, I struggled to keep my eyes open while doing my work. I don’t drink coffee because of the crashes it brings, and tea was never effective. Ever since I started using BOOST, my eyes are wide open and waking up at 6 isn’t hard. I’m now able to get much more work done late at night!

Zeina Hassan

I have been learning belly dancing this year and my right shoulder was giving me a lot of pain. After a week and half of using Peak, my shoulder pain is GONE! This product is AMAZING!

Joanne Ward

Peak has repaired the tendons and ligaments in my body after going through several surgeries and antibiotics which destroyed them. A year and a half ago 10% mobility.. Now, 90% and feeling stronger than ever.

Scott Smith

I was in pain with sciatica for 12 years. The doctor prescribed medicine that did not work. After 6 days of taking PEAK, I am pain free.

Jerry Page